Joe and Deborah Byrd
Guitar and vocals. This talented husband and wife duo have been making music together for over 30 years. They were recently featured on the Cedar Rapids Flood Relief CD “We’re Coming Back” (for which Joe wrote the song Dirty Brown Water). They have performed at numerous local clubs, as well as, for special concerts such as The Best of Cedar Rapids Gospel Concert and with Simple Folk.

Carlis Faurot
Fiddle and vocals. Carlis is no stranger to the Cedar Rapid music scene. He has performed with the folk band Black Sheep, and separately with other local musicians such as Mike Maas (Black Sheep & Liars Theater and Glenn Lonsdale. Carlis is a regular performer for the annual Tribute Christmas show with Carol Montag and Nina Swanson at Theatre Cedar Rapids.

Laura Phillips
Flute and vocals. Before joining irishjam, Laura played principle flute with the Eastern Washington University Symphony. Since then, she has played in large church orchestras, church worship bands, Seattle Flute Society and Eastern Iowa Flute Association events, and several community bands in the Eastern Iowa area. Additionally, she teaches music lessions at West Music, and band at Belle Plaine Schools.

Michael Crist
Timekeeper. Mike has been drumming for over 40 years in a wide range of musical genres. He began as a rocker at 14 drumming in a latin rock band, played in a wedding band during his college years, later switched to folk and world music, and then backed to rock with the Cedar Rapids bar band “Subject to Change”. He learned to play the Bodhran for irishjam, but also incorporates a drum kit from the 1920s-1940’s . Mike also drums with The Mike Maas Trio and  The Mocking Byrds  playing a mix of blues, jazz, swing music and classic rock.